Monday, November 16, 2009

And the winner is...

The winner of the free download for the Neighbor Gifts Printables Pack from (generated by is:

Becky who said (#1)...
I love to find great ideas for Christmas. This is another fun blog to do that! Thanks Terrie

I will be contacting you soon Becky!

Thank you to all who entered and for all of the lovely things you had to say about me and my new blog. I love seeing so many new followers and comments! And, yes I know that I bribed you with giveaways, but I am sure you would have commented any, right?! I hope you have gotten a little inspiration. And don't forget there is a second free download for the Neighbor Gifts Printables Pack from for one lucky crafter who submits something by Dec. 5th.

Friday, November 13, 2009


I know the theme is supposed to be Christmas, but I had a few things I needed to finish up before I get started on my Christmas stuff, so I thought I would share. You know since this is a craft blog and so far there is not a single post showing an actual seems like it is about time.

First I want to share these adorable apothecary jars. Every once in awhile you come across a project that you don't just file away in the "someday I am going to do that" file, but you run out that very day to get all the supplies you will need to get started right away. That is what happened when I saw this at Shanty2chic. Now I will warn you right now, make sure you have a few minutes to look around, like 60 or so if you head over there. They have some really great ideas, you will loose track of time I promise you! Just don't head over there quite yet.

I am not going to tell you how I made these because the tutorial on Shanty2Chic is great and there is no need to re-do it. There are a few things I did differently however. I had to buy a package of small unfinished candle sticks and use apoxy to glue them together because hobby lobby was out of the bigger candle sticks. I also left my lids all black choosing not to add the jute around the edges. I used a smaller finial on the lids as well. All simple differences...but that is what is so great about get to make them your own!

Speaking of making things your own. The next project I am going to share turned out so differently I wish I would have taken more pictures so I could do a tutorial, but I didn't know when I started how different it would be. So I will show you what I have. First here is the inspiration for this project. I loved the idea of this magnetic chore chart over at not so idle hands. We have had many a chore chart around here but nothing has seemed to fit quite right. Usually because it isn't versatile enough. Once it is printed from the computer that's it. But this is customizable on a daily that. There are some days when you just have to change things for what ever reason. But it is still a visible reminder for the kids(and for me).

Here is my version:

Supplies: 12x18 piece of sheet metal from Home Depot, wooden tiles, White spray paint for the wooden tiles, Ptouch for labels(not shown), magnets, ribbon, paper and vinyl, I used my cricut to cut out the lettering, and at the last minute I decided to use hot glue instead of apoxy to attach the wooden tiles to the magnets so I could get them off later if I wanted too(I'm hoping I will come up with a cuter replacement for the tiles).

Finished and hung, I told you it is totally different. The cute orange bag is holding the tiles that are not being used. I just used a couple of magnetic tiles on the inside of the bag to attach it to the sheet metal.

A closer look at the bag and tiles.

Yay there is finally a craft post! Not to sound like a broken record or anything but I would love to post YOUR crafts also! Email me,

Monday, November 9, 2009

We have a winner!

I am so excited there are a lot of fun things going on here at Love thy neighbor's crafts! First things first though we have a winner to announce in the Wild honey pie giveaway. But before I do let me just say thank you for your support. I have followers that I don't know personally which means you are telling people about my blog...Thank you so much I really appreciate it! Ok, Ok enough blubbering you want to know who the winner is right!

The winner is (#9) Kara who said:

Hi Terrie! I love the idea behind your blog!

Congratulations Kara! Email me ( and I will give you the details on how to claim your prize.

Be sure to scroll down for another fabulous giveaway and a tutorial. So much fun stuff, it doesn't seem like Monday!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another giveaway!

So remember when I promised another giveaway today, well that was a bit of an understatement. This giveaway is so perfect for Love thy neighbor's crafts because it is printable Christmas gifts for you neighbors...hello how perfect is that. Jill over at Spaces for Faces has GENEROUSLY offered every Love thy neighbors crafts visitor a free download from her newest product to celebrate their one year anneversary. So everyone gets to share in the fun. LOVE IT! But that is not all folks. She is also giving away 2 full versions of her Neighbor gift printables. Now I am not going to lie I was seriously tempted to keep one for myself, but I decided I better use it for the giveaway...who loves ya! So here is the deal, there are 5 ways to enter this giveaway.

But before I tell you those 5 ways let me tell you a little bit about Jill and how I met her. My husband has had the same best friends since high school. Those same friends happened to be his roommates when I met him in college. The summer after I met him, he and all but one of his roommates got married (to girls, not to each other). Leaving that one poor roommate alone...don't worry he wasn't really alone. I promise this is going somewhere. Fast forward 5 years, he meets and marries Jill. Now you can imagine that the other roommates and their wives have become pretty close and have a lot of history together after all those years...I think that would be a pretty intimidating situation. But Jill came and fit right in. We all loved her and were so happy to have her in our little group of friends. So not only is she one crafty and talented lady she is also pretty awesome! Now that I have told you a little about her, here are the ways you can enter to get some of her awesomeness...

First leave me a comment, it can be anything (preferably something about how amazing I am...but I accept anything:)

Second go to Spaces for Faces and look around. Return and leave me another comment about something that caught your eye.

Third become a follower (or remind me you are a follower) of Love thy neighbor's crafts then leave me a comment telling me you are a follower.

Fourth become a follower over at Spaces for Faces and leave me a comment telling me you are a Spaces for Faces follower.

This part of the giveaway ends next Sunday the 15th at 6:00pm. I will announce the winner Monday the 16th.

Now the last way to enter is going to take a bit more effort on your part. I NEED crafters people! So I am going to hold onto that second CD until Dec 6th. Then I will randomly choose a crafter that will get Jill's full version of printable gifts. So you have until Dec 5th to get your crafts to me if you want a second chance to win! But don't worry you still have until Dec. 20th to submit Christmas crafts.

Be sure to check out Jill's incredible tutorial below on how to use your free download. Happy Crafting!!

Tutorial and free download from Spaces for Faces

Hi, I'm Jill from Spaces for Faces. I'm excited to get to share a little something of what I do, here on Love Thy Neighbor Crafts! Thanks for having me, Terrie! This week, Spaces for Faces is turning ONE! We are happy to celebrate our birthday with this tutorial and giveaway!
I'm really excited about a new product that is debuting today at It is called the Neighbor Gifts Printables Pack. This product was inspired and created due to desperation! We live in a very friendly neighborhood, and come Christmas time we exchange gifts with as many as 50-75 different neighbors! Time and money spent on those gifts can really add up! So I searched for and developed as many cute and affordable gifts that I could find. These gift designs can now be found in one great package at Spaces For Faces! The Neighbor Gifts Printable Pack contains 25 different printables perfect for quick, affordable, and easy neighbor gifts! Can you say "life saver"?!!
For Love Thy Neighbor Crafts fans, I have given a Printables Pack to Terrie to give away. Make sure you read her post about how to enter! And to celebrate our birthday, I am going to give all Love Thy Neighbor Crafts readers one free printable download! Click on the link below to download your free printable!

The free printable you are receiving is a Notepad Cover. The Notepad Covers come in two sizes: 3x5 and 5x8. I was able to find a pack of 3 notepads (both sizes) for $1.44 at Wally World. That's only $0.48 per gift! Perfect!

The following is a quick tutorial on how to use the free download. I am a visual person, so be prepared for A LOT of pictures! Ready? Here we go:

First of all, open the PDF file that includes your Notepad Cover by clicking on it. In the upper left hand corner of the screen, hit the print button. A popup box will appear. About half way down, you will see an option called 'PAGE SCALING'. Now this is important. Make sure you change it to say 'NONE'. That way the Printable will print at the correct size. Then push okay and print.

To complete this project, you will need the Printable, a notepad and some adhesive.

Cut out your printable.

Line up the printable so it fits correctly on the front of the notepad.

Then take a pencil and draw a line on the back of the printable where the top of the pad ends. There is probably a more scientific way to do this...but I'm too lazy to figure it out. :)

Use a scoring blade to score along your pencil line or just fold along the line. This will be the fold that goes over the top of your notepad.

Place the printable on your notepad with the design lined up over the front of the pad and the fold going over the top. Lay the top of notepad down onto the printable and mark along the top and back of the notepad.

Use your scoring blade or fold along the second line.

When you have marked and folded the printable, it should look like this. The long section of the printable will cover the front of the notepad, the smallest top folded area will be on the top of the notepad, and the last section will be on the back of the pad. Make sense?

Use adhesive to glue the printable to the binding section of the notepad. I actually just used mounting squares cause that's all I had. If I were making this for a neighbor I would probably use a glue stick. I put squares on the front, top and back for this notepad. The small notepads I bought didn't have binding on the front, so I just stuck it on the top and the back and that worked just fine.

Tie some ribbon or raffia around it and there you have a super cute and super affordable gift for all your favorite neighbors!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Eye Candy

The response to Love thy neighbor's crafts has been great so far. There are already people working on their crafts to share. Thanks everyone! While we wait for the super cute crafts that have been promised I thought it would be fun to feature a couple of great sites for those who are looking for cute and reasonably priced gifts for Christmas. Our first feature has also agreed to a fun, my first giveaway, I am so excited.

Becky from Wild honey pie has been sewing for years. Like over a decade and she is my age so that is almost half her life! So yeah, she's good. And her stuff is adorable!!! She made Van's crib set, which of course I do not have a picture of but it was awesome. It was chocolate brown and light blue, it was soft and full of texture, oh how I loved that bedding. Now she has her own etsy shop and sells the most adorable things.

Things like this set of adorable burp clothes

And this sweet little set (which also comes in a version for boys)

And hello how precious are these

So are you dieing to know what the giveaway is? OK, OK I will tell you. Becky has agreed to give one lucky winner a set of her super cute burp clothes! Just in time for Christmas (or to keep for yourself...I wont tell)!


So here is how you enter, you can enter up to 3 times

First leave me a comment, it can be anything

Second go to Wild honey pie and look around. Return and leave me another comment about something you loved from Becky's etsy store

Third become a follower of Love thy neighbor's crafts then leave me a comment telling me you are a follower

I will take comments until Sunday night. I will announce the winner Monday morning when I will also have another fun business to feature. So be sure to come back monday morning!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Are you ready to get your craft on?

Welcome to what I hope will be a fun place to visit, share and be inspired. I have wanted to start a craft blog for awhile now but didn't feel like I had a niche. How could I possibly start a blog that would compare to all of the many amazing craft blogs out there? The truth is I can't. But I realized I want something unique and I have found what I think is unique, at least I haven't seen anything quite like it in all of my blog hopping...and believe me I do a lot of hopping. Enter Love thy neighbor's crafts; here you will not only see fun crafts but you get to share your own. Each month or so I will post a new theme. Then you get to show me and the rest of the world (not too much to ask of my humble little blog, right?) what you came up with. Throughout the month I will show you what I am working on and links to theme related crafts. Eventually I am hoping to implement giveaways, guest bloggers, and other fun stuff. But for now I will start simple.

A word on crafts: I am using the word craft in it's broadest sense. You can share sewing projects, paper crafts, things you bought and put together in a cute or unique way as a gift, created a particularly amazing display on your mantel, anything artistic that you feel fits the theme and is worth sharing...bring it on! If you got your idea from another blog, even if you made it your own, please share the link. I am not trying to steal anyone's ideas here. I am all about sharing and giving credit where credit is due.

If you are reading this you were probably begged...I mean invited to share your ideas. But if you stumbled on this blog you are welcome to share! And please tell your friends; the more the merrier.

Now onto the fun stuff. This months theme is Christmas, specifically affordable Christmas gifts, but anything Christmas related is great! I know, I know so unpredictable, but you know 'tis the season. This theme will last through Dec. 2oth when I will announce a new theme.

Until I figure out a better way to do this (if you know of one please let me know) please email me [] pictures and a description of your craft, plus a link to your blog if you would like us to visit and links to your inspiration. Then I will post it in all it craftiness. Simple enough right. I am sure there will be a certain amount of trial and error here so bear with me while I work out all the kinks. And don't forget to leave comments! We all love compliments...I mean comments. Let the crafting begin!
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