Monday, December 7, 2009

The festival of felt

Felt is my new favorite material. Here is just one reason why...

Meet Mr. Potato Head. As I was blog hopping one day I came across this adorable idea on make it and love it. I had to try it. And since I am trying to make at least some of my Christmas gifts this year I had the PERFECT excuse. So this is one of Van's presents.

Because there is a perfectly good tutorial on make it and love it I wont give all the details but there are a few things that are different about mine.

The hats I made actually fit on top of the head rather than velcro to the front.

I did make the pocket larger like she suggests, but it is still not quite enough space.

I made a set of girl eyes and boy eyes...although the girl eyes look a bit angry, those lushes lashes took on a bit of attitude.

So there you have it a super cute potato head!

Now here is a bit of a teaser. What could I possibly be making with these little beauties...

Ok so I am sure it isn't that difficult to figure out but stay tuned anyway I am working on a tutorial...I am so excited!

1 comment:

Josh and Alli said...

Call me lame but I am just now finding this...I LOVE IT! I am one uncrafty person so I love seeing other people's ideas. You are amazing.

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