Friday, November 13, 2009


I know the theme is supposed to be Christmas, but I had a few things I needed to finish up before I get started on my Christmas stuff, so I thought I would share. You know since this is a craft blog and so far there is not a single post showing an actual seems like it is about time.

First I want to share these adorable apothecary jars. Every once in awhile you come across a project that you don't just file away in the "someday I am going to do that" file, but you run out that very day to get all the supplies you will need to get started right away. That is what happened when I saw this at Shanty2chic. Now I will warn you right now, make sure you have a few minutes to look around, like 60 or so if you head over there. They have some really great ideas, you will loose track of time I promise you! Just don't head over there quite yet.

I am not going to tell you how I made these because the tutorial on Shanty2Chic is great and there is no need to re-do it. There are a few things I did differently however. I had to buy a package of small unfinished candle sticks and use apoxy to glue them together because hobby lobby was out of the bigger candle sticks. I also left my lids all black choosing not to add the jute around the edges. I used a smaller finial on the lids as well. All simple differences...but that is what is so great about get to make them your own!

Speaking of making things your own. The next project I am going to share turned out so differently I wish I would have taken more pictures so I could do a tutorial, but I didn't know when I started how different it would be. So I will show you what I have. First here is the inspiration for this project. I loved the idea of this magnetic chore chart over at not so idle hands. We have had many a chore chart around here but nothing has seemed to fit quite right. Usually because it isn't versatile enough. Once it is printed from the computer that's it. But this is customizable on a daily that. There are some days when you just have to change things for what ever reason. But it is still a visible reminder for the kids(and for me).

Here is my version:

Supplies: 12x18 piece of sheet metal from Home Depot, wooden tiles, White spray paint for the wooden tiles, Ptouch for labels(not shown), magnets, ribbon, paper and vinyl, I used my cricut to cut out the lettering, and at the last minute I decided to use hot glue instead of apoxy to attach the wooden tiles to the magnets so I could get them off later if I wanted too(I'm hoping I will come up with a cuter replacement for the tiles).

Finished and hung, I told you it is totally different. The cute orange bag is holding the tiles that are not being used. I just used a couple of magnetic tiles on the inside of the bag to attach it to the sheet metal.

A closer look at the bag and tiles.

Yay there is finally a craft post! Not to sound like a broken record or anything but I would love to post YOUR crafts also! Email me,

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Crystal said...

Love both of your crafts. So cute! Great job. I love the way you decorate for holidays. I need an ounce of your inspiration.

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