Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Are you ready to get your craft on?

Welcome to what I hope will be a fun place to visit, share and be inspired. I have wanted to start a craft blog for awhile now but didn't feel like I had a niche. How could I possibly start a blog that would compare to all of the many amazing craft blogs out there? The truth is I can't. But I realized I want something unique and I have found what I think is unique, at least I haven't seen anything quite like it in all of my blog hopping...and believe me I do a lot of hopping. Enter Love thy neighbor's crafts; here you will not only see fun crafts but you get to share your own. Each month or so I will post a new theme. Then you get to show me and the rest of the world (not too much to ask of my humble little blog, right?) what you came up with. Throughout the month I will show you what I am working on and links to theme related crafts. Eventually I am hoping to implement giveaways, guest bloggers, and other fun stuff. But for now I will start simple.

A word on crafts: I am using the word craft in it's broadest sense. You can share sewing projects, paper crafts, things you bought and put together in a cute or unique way as a gift, created a particularly amazing display on your mantel, anything artistic that you feel fits the theme and is worth sharing...bring it on! If you got your idea from another blog, even if you made it your own, please share the link. I am not trying to steal anyone's ideas here. I am all about sharing and giving credit where credit is due.

If you are reading this you were probably begged...I mean invited to share your ideas. But if you stumbled on this blog you are welcome to share! And please tell your friends; the more the merrier.

Now onto the fun stuff. This months theme is Christmas, specifically affordable Christmas gifts, but anything Christmas related is great! I know, I know so unpredictable, but you know 'tis the season. This theme will last through Dec. 2oth when I will announce a new theme.

Until I figure out a better way to do this (if you know of one please let me know) please email me [] pictures and a description of your craft, plus a link to your blog if you would like us to visit and links to your inspiration. Then I will post it in all it craftiness. Simple enough right. I am sure there will be a certain amount of trial and error here so bear with me while I work out all the kinks. And don't forget to leave comments! We all love compliments...I mean comments. Let the crafting begin!


Nicole said...

I'm ready to craft! And boy are you ambitious!!

Becky said...

Terrie. This sounds like a really fun idea. If you want to add my link you can also if you want pictures I will email them to you!

Becky Easton
Wild Honey Pie

Laura said...

I'm ready to get my craft on. I actually just took pictures of one of the mini brag books I made for Christmas. How do you want me to send the pics to you?

Terrie said...

Laura email me your pictures and any text or instructions to go along with it. You can also add a link to your blog if you would like me to add it to your post.

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