Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Neighbor and Teacher gifts

I just passed out my neighbor gifts and my kids will be taking their teacher's gifts to school tomorrow so I feel like it is safe to show you.  Both of these projects turned out so cute.

First neighbor gifts.  There is a great blog called our best bites, and if you haven't checked it out you should.  Just not yet, wait till you finish my post first.  Anyway it is a great blog with great recipes for real people.  My friends and I love it.  So I decided to use their hot fudge recipe and dress it up all fancy for neighbor/hubby work gifts.  The recipe was simple and the end result quite cute.

I  multiplied the recipe on the blog by 6 and was able to get enough to fill 12 1/2 pint regular mouth jars plus a bit extra.  Which I of course kept for myself.  (I actually had to do this twice once for the neighbor gifts and again for the hubby to take to work).  To up the cute factor I cut 2 inch circles and 1 1/2 inch snowflakes with my cricut to add to the top of the lids.  Then printed up a cute tag added ribbon and I had myself an adorable neighbor gift.  I love the brown, teal and white combo!!

For the kid's teachers I did monogrammed pencil holders.  I have seen these a couple of places on the web and there are some really cute versions out there.  I think mine turned out way cute and I am so excited to give them to our teachers.  At first I was disappointed that I could only find short vases, but in the end I love the look.  Nothing wrong with a little short and squatty now and then.

The best part they only cost me 3 bucks a piece and they look much more expensive.  I got the vases and the pencils at the dollar store.  Then I cut out the vinyl with my trusty Cricut...which I am in love with by the way.  And there you have it super adorable gifts for teachers!  

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Crystal said...

Can't wait to try my hot fudge. It looks so yummy. Very cute gifts.

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