Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bathroom re-do part 1

I always think life will slow down and next week I will get x,y and z done.  Alas it never slows down and I have a million started but unfinished projects to share and a house that needs my attention badly.  So I am giving you part 1 of our bathroom re-do.  In hopes that part 2 will follow shortly. 

We live in a 1976 split entry.  Now I know some of you just threw up a little in your mouth but before you turn away in disgust hear me out.  It isn't that bad.  We have actually been able to do quite a bit with a less than desirable lay out.  One thing we have always wanted to fix is our master bathroom.  The vanity is actually in our room and the shower and toilet are behind a door.  So not the greatest of situations but livable.  We are probably moving soon.  (Hubby is going back to school for a PHD.  Honestly folks how much schooling does one man need?  Apparently a lot...seriously I am really proud of him though).  Anyway back to the bathroom.  Because we are moving we need to do a bit of updating without a lot of cost...because lets face it I don't want to put in a ton of time and money for something I don't get to enjoy for very long.  Having said that, this re-do is one that cost very little but paid off huge!  Here are a few pics...

If you thought you were going to toss your cookies earlier wait till you see this disaster...


Sorry about the poor picture quality...we have almost no natural light in our room and by the time we were finished it was dark outside so the pictures are a bit rough.

And after


Here is the project breakdown:

Total time:
6(ish) hours

Total cost:
Paint: 2 cans $7
Hardware: $22 (with one left to spare)
Sink: $30
Faucet: $25
Counter apoxy: $10
(normally $20 but I got it 1/2 off because they had used it as a demo)

So for less than $100 we got a great start to our bathroom re-do.  We still need to frame the mirror, fix the lighting and accessorize.  And we are still debating on whether or not the counter needs another coat of epoxy.

So stay tuned for part two.  Hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later! 


Crystal said...

Nice. I have been wanting to do this to my main floor bathroom. I just can't get my other half on board. I keep thinking I just need to do it. Then once it is half done or done, he can't do anything about it.

Marsh Mayhem said...

You're MOVING?? Ben's going back to school??? Okay, talk about surprises ... spill! I've only got a short amount of time left to hear the details, we're off into the wild blue yonder (okay, Chicago), soon, ourselves!

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