Friday, January 22, 2010

Re-covered chair and flower pillow

Yesterday, I told you I had a million things I was working on.  Well I actually finished one of them!  The sad part is that it has been sitting in my craft room 98% finished for over a week.  I just needed to finish it up, I even had all the stuff I needed it just wasn't happening for some reason.  So yesterday I decided it was time!  I am going to show you how I turned this

into this

First I measured the chair.  I decided I wanted to cover the whole thing in fabric rather than just covering the cushions and painting the wood.  I really wanted a bit more formal feel.  But not fussy...I don't do fussy.  So I thought a very simple cover with clean lines would work well for this chair and I think it worked really well.  First off there is hardly any sewing.  The only sewing I did was the hem at the bottom.

Back to the measuring.  First I had to decide how many pieces I wanted, wanting to keep it simple I decided to work with only four pieces.  One that ran from the face of the chair back over the top and back down to the floor.  Another piece that ran from the chair seat to the floor.  And two that ran from the inside of the chair arm over the arm and to the ground.  I hope that made sense.  Once I knew I had enough fabric I laid it over the chair and measured and cut that way, instead of measuring the fabric with a measuring tape it just seemed to work better that way.

Then I hemmed all 4 pieces.

Starting with the back piece I laid it out how I wanted it to lay then started stapling.  Sorry I don't have many pictures of the process.  Then I did this with the seat piece and finally with the arms.  The finished product looked like this before the trim.


I just folded over the edge to give it a clean finish.

Next I got the trim ready.  Now let me just say I spent a lot of time at Joann's trying to figure out what kind of trim I wanted.  There are many, many options and I was shopping with a 2 year old that had had enough shopping after about 10 minutes, and really lost it after about 30 and started yelling "BAD MOMMY" once we got up to the cutting counter.  So I was a bit frazzled at that point.  There is home decor trims, clothing trims and ribbon.  I knew I would be using hot glue to attach the trim so it had to be able to hold up to the hot glue.  So after much back and forth between the different sections of trim...because having them next to each other would be waaay to easy.  I finally decided.  I ended up going with a heavy weight ribbon.  Even with 40% off the ribbon ended up costing as much as the rest of the supplies for the chair and pillow.

Once I got it home it was too wide so I needed to adjust it a bit.  I sewed it together WRONG sides together.  The ribbon was too thick and heavy to sew it right sides together and turn it.  Once it was sewn together I ironed it so the seem was on the bottom.



 Then I clipped the corners for a clean edge once it was folded over.

I hot glued it in place.

The I ran a bead of hot glue along the line of staples to attach the ribbon.

Then stood back and enjoyed my handy work...


And enjoyed other people admiring my handy work...

Can you believe this is the same 2 year old that yelled "BAD MOMMY" yep the very same.

Now the pillow.  So cute and so simple.  The pillow covering is just a simple rectangle.  But here is a quick tutorial on the flower...also very simple.

I liked selvage edge so I used it.  I ran a long stitch (highest number on your stitch length) mine was a five, along the edge of the fabric.  Then gently pull on the top stitch, this creates a ruffle effect.

Then shape it into a flower.

  Sew hand sew the bottom to get everything to stay in place.  Then attach the button.  And attach finished flower to pillow.

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