Saturday, February 27, 2010

Identity crisis

It's been awhile, a long while.  I seem to be having some sort of blog identity crisis.  So I did what I thought was logical...avoid.  Here is the sitch.  I follow quite a few craft blogs.  REALLY GOOD craft blogs.  You know the type that make you want to hide anything you have ever made for fear that someone will see the horrific mess of fabric and glue you once called a craft.  The type that is so motivating and intimidating at the same time that you end up in the fetal position because you don't know weather to give up crafting all together or rush into the craft room and start something...anything.  Basically I have been feeling a bit inadequate.  I have quite a bit of stuff to share but for some reason every time I think about adding it to my blog I think "Why; why would anyone care, there is so much out there that is so much better!"  Add that to the fact that I am a natural born perfectionist.  Do it perfect right or don't do it at all seems to be my unspoken motto.

So I have thought about changing the format a little making it not just a craft blog, which would entail a name change, or possibly just giving it up all together because again who really cares about anything I have to show or say when there is so much out there.  That is the bitter sweet part of the blog world...sooooo many blogs to choose from.  So what sets mine apart form any other blog...besides my sparkling personality and sharp wit?

I wish I had the answer.  But for now I guess I am going just keep things the way they are with a slight twist.  I am going to share an experiment that my husband and I are doing.  I have mentioned before that my husband is probably going back to school to get his Phd.  Making us poor students again.  So we thought that it would be prudent (yeah I totally just used the word prudent) to try to live on a smaller budget.  Specifically a smaller food budget.  And try to spend less over all.  We are pretty good budgeters (by the way not a word according to spell check) and we already stick to a monthly budget but this is going to be tough even for us.

So here are the details:
  • Use the food we already have including our food storage to make meals for the month. 
  • Cut our food budget by more than half for the month.
  • Only eat out once a week (by far the hardest part of this experiment, I don't know if I have mentioned this before but I am not much of a cook...I can do it I just don't like to)
  • Cut our eating out budget by more than half. 
  • Do not buy anything that is not a necessity.
I am going to chronicle our experiment along the way.  I will be sharing recipes, lessons I have learned and I am sure a bit of whining along the way.  The first step in this process is to make a menu for the month.  I know I will be much more likely to stick to this if I don't have to decide 30 minutes before dinner what we are going to eat.  We are also going to try to do one big grocery shopping at the beginning of the month instead of going once a week.  We will still need to go to get fresh produce and milk but hopefully if that is all we need it will be easier to avoid impulse buys because we wont be walking down each isle.

Don't worry I still have some crafts to share and will show you my thrifty crafts since I will not be buying anything new this month!

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Crystal said...

I love your blog. But understand the lack of ideas or feeling inadequate. I keep meaning to send you some things I have been working on, but guess what. I haven't really made anything since Christmas. Been lazy. Plus I am gearing up of the Easter dress marathon making. Love all your ideas.

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